Teeth Whitening

…make your teeth shine like diamonds

The teeth are given the nickname, “pearly whites” because they ought to be white as pearls. Unfortunately, they become discoloured for a number of reasons:

  • Food. A lot of food has increased staining capabilities, especially those cooked in soy sauce, tomato sauce and curry.
  • Beverage. Coffee, tea and wine have high colorants that can stain and discolour teeth, as well as other substances.
  • Medications. Certain medications can stain the teeth. Its prolonged usage can stain deep into the inner layers of the teeth.
  • Tooth Trauma. When a tooth has been traumatized from a physical blow to the face and mouth, this tooth will begin to stain and discolour. The same effect may be observed with a tooth that has received a root canal treatment. The tooth is no longer vital, so it does not receive nourishment from the circulating blood.
  • Smoking. Tobacco products contain chemicals that will stain and dicolor teeth. This gives an unattractive and unsightly look for the teeth.

If you are having a problem with the appearance of your smile and you would like to showcase a bright and lighter shade of teeth, you can make a decision to under a teeth whitening procedure.

There are two main categories for teeth whitening: take home and in-office. Their differences are fairly straightforward. Take home whitening techniques are those that are performed at home by the patient, using commercially sold products or various household products. In-office bleaching follows a professional teeth whitening procedure that may or may not use a laser whitening lamp. The whitening agent is higher in concentration, so results are more impressive. More so, the whitening agent is stronger so its manipulation is more delicate.

At Reseda Dental Clinic, our dentist will help you make a decision about the best teeth whitening option that best meets your purpose. We will help pattern the treatment to your necessity, so that you can seek the right level of satisfaction and fulfilment.