Root Canals

…giving your tooth a second chance

Ideally, a tooth that has been infected by dental decay is remedied by a dental filling. Fillings are either applied directly or indirectly, and they can restore a decayed tooth and bring it back to health. When a bacterial invasion is left alone to progress, however, it spreads deep into the tissues, until it infects the pulp. Eventually, the infection is way beyond the hard tissues of the teeth so a dental filling is already contraindicated.

The only way to address this kind of problem is to extract the tooth. Removing the tooth will eliminate the problem, along with the symptoms it brings, but it results in the loss of the tooth. To salvage the tooth and prevent its loss, a root canal treatment may be performed.

Pulp treatments are specifically directed to the pulp tissue. During a root canal procedure, the pulp is accessed so that it may be removed or extirpated from the tooth. To eliminate the infection, the canal is properly cleansed, cleaned and shaped. A series of files will be passed in and out of the tooth to do this—and the entire procedure may take up to three sessions to complete.

If you are indicated for a root canal treatment with us, expect to go through this process:

Step 1: Access Preparation. From the coronal part of the tooth, the pulp tissue is accessed. With the tooth anesthetized, this should go as comfortable as possible, so the chamber is broken and the chamber is reached.

Step 2: Sequential Filing. Once all the canals have been located, a series of files will be inserted into the canal to clean and shape it. This should remove any infection and prepare the tooth for the finishing.

Step 3: Obturation. Gutta-percha is still the most acceptable filling material for a root canal treated tooth. After filing, the gutta-percha is inserted and the entire void is filled.

Step 4: Final Restoration. In some cases, a post is going to be essential to provide the tooth extra strength. Otherwise, a tooth may be restored with a filling, onlay or crown, after it receives a root canal treatment.

Most people are frightened of root canal treatments. At Reseda Dental Clinic, you can trust that we will strive to make things more favourable for you, so that a potentially unpleasant procedure does not have to be so bad.