Dental Hygiene & Care

…give your smile the pampering it deserves

Prevention is always better than cure and when you give particular attention to controlling to the development and progression of oral disease, you are able to preserve the health and beauty of your smile.

At Reseda Dental Clinic, we offer various services that helps to maintain the oral health condition of patients.

1.Oral Prophylaxis: Dental cleaning and scaling is the most basic treatment patients receive in the dental office. A dentist or hygienist performs thorough cleansing of the subgingival and supragingival surfaces of the teeth to rid it of disease-causing plaque. Oral Prophylaxis should be obtained twice a year or every six months. Schedule your appointment with Reseda Dental Clinic today and get the pampering your smile deserves.

2.Dental Fluoride: Fluoride may be ingested with the water or taken in tablet form, but it may also be obtained by topical application in the dentist’s office. At Reseda Dental Clinic we offer dental fluoride applications to patients with teeth that are prone to decay, teeth that are highly decalcified and teeth that are developing (children’s teeth). To render the teeth strong and less susceptible to disease attack, regular doses of fluoride should be given.

3.Dental Sealant: Bacterial attack is most prone on the occlusal or biting surfaces of the teeth because the normal anatomy includes deep grooves and fissures. These grooves and fissures trap food that allow bacteria to thrive and cause tooth decay. Dental Sealants are resin materials that may be placed over the rough spaces to make the teeth surface smooth. This prevents food entrapment and reduces the risk of developing dental caries.

4.Dental Fillings: Not entirely preventive, but when tooth decay is detected in its early stages, more serious problems could easily be prevented. Bacteria attacks the hard tissues of the teeth and a cavity is developed. At Reseda Dental Clinic we offer you various options for tooth decay. Dental fillings are performed by first cleaning the tooth of decayed tissue, and the sealing it with an appropriate restorative material.

5.Dental Education: Since the capacity of the dentist to safeguard your dental health is fairly limited to the four corners of the dental office, we strive to educate our patients on how they could take care of their smiles at home. A good dentist should be able to forward useful instructions that will equip patients with the right strategies to maintain the health of their smile. Patients of all ages can benefit from an easy-to-understand patient instruction. It is seems simple, but it goes a long way.

The above mentioned procedures are only some of the basic dental and hygiene procedures that we perform in Reseda Dental Clinic. Understand that when we address patients’ needs, we make sure that it is patterned according to their specific requirement.