Cosmetic Dentistry

…combining science and artistry to reconstruct your smile

In the past, the dentist was only sought out for remedies to problems that involved tooth pain. Toothaches signify the necessity to see the dentist—but much has changed through the years, especially with the introduction of various innovations in the field. Today, a large bulk of the patients we see in the clinic seek our assistance to receive a smile transformation. Whether they seek an improvement from their innate condition or they require restorative work after enduring an accident, we offer a myriad of options to bring them true satisfaction.

One’s smile is important because your beautiful set of teeth gives you much power. Owning a beautiful smile brings power. When you look good and you know it, you feel more confident and empowered. People seek cosmetic dental work because they know what it could do for them. The following are some of the cosmetic procedures we perform at Reseda Dental Clinic:

1.Teeth Whitening. Your teeth may be beautiful and white but it will not remain like that for very long because of the substances you take into your mouth. A teeth whitening procedure could restore the whiteness of teeth. Take home and chair side procedures that make use of powerful peroxide formulations that can penetrate into the hard tissues of the teeth and bring about the bleaching effect. As long as it is performed accordingly, patients can enjoy lightening and brightening between 3 to 10 shades.

2.Dental Veneers. Dental Veneers are cosmetic coverings that are placed on the facial or frontal surface of the teeth. Made with ceramic or porcelain, the bulk of the prosthesis is allowed by removing as much as 1mm of the tooth on the facial surface. Dental veneers offer instant solutions for minor orthodontic cases and it also provides a more permanent teeth whitening solution. It masks stains, discolorations and gives you the chance to smile beautifully.

3.Dental Bondings. A cheaper alternative to dental veneers are dental bondings. It involves the direct application of composite resin material and may be performed even without tooth reduction.

4.Lumineers. A semi-permanent and removable alternative to veneers and bonding are Lumineers. Also known as “snap-on-teeth”, an instant smile transformation may be enjoyed simply by wearing the cosmetic appliance. It requires zero tooth reduction. An impression of the teeth on either jaw is taken and then sent to the laboratory, then the Lumineers are construction.

5.Gummy Smile Correction. A gummy smile may not be a problem for all but for those who wish to remedy this condition, this transformation will be offered to you at Reseda Dental Clinic. Combining techniques in Surgery, Prosthodontics and Periodontics, the bone and soft tissue is manipulated and the teeth are properly repositioned and reformed.

6. Invisalign. While traditional orthodontic treatments provide patients with impressive cosmetic results, the entire course of the treatment subjects the patient to a very unsightly and uncomfortable position. Dental brackets are very inconvenient for a lot of reasons, so the introduction of Invisalign (invisible braces) are welcomed wholeheartedly. With the use of invisible trays and aligners, you can enjoy a properly aligned smile without braces.

Some dental cosmetic procedures are not purely cosmetic in nature. There are surgical and prosthetic treatments, like in the case of dental implant, which are not exactly cosmetic but can produce magnificent aesthetic results. At Reseda Dental Clinic we provide versatile and comprehensive care, in an effort to meet your needs. We will find ways to bring a smile to your face.